Kate ‎ - Aug 15, 2011
Great place to meet locals and those that aren't. Wonderful atmosphere. Plenty of pool tables, love the deck, and the price drinks aren't to bad. :)
Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value
done wrong ‎ - Jul 25, 2011
Hard to not feel the discrimination in the air
Liked: Food, Atmosphere, Value Disliked: Service

J.T. ‎ - Jun 6, 2011
Greenies is always a great time in Ocean View and the wings are surprisingly good.
Jjrob ‎ - May 29, 2011
Dingy, dirty, pricey, food o.k. The only thing going for the the place is 1 or 2 hot waitresses. It seems to be a hangout for local beach bums, you know, the guys with no shirts and tatoos My 14 year old son would definitely go back, I looked at it as we left and thought " why did I go in in the first place?" a local recommended it. Don't waste your time.

tim white ‎ - Feb 7, 2011
Best. Bar. Ever. TW
Liked: Service
Petroleum Jellyfish ‎ - Jan 21, 2011
Just a dingy local bar, but I like it because my house is a block away. Other than that, meh.
Liked: Service
Jenna ‎ - Nov 11, 2010
GREENIES !!!! I LOVE Greenies! It is the best bar in norfolk, pool tables, great bar ambiance, live bands, cheap drinks, hot chicks, friendly ppl! I go there all the time with my husband, and it has a great mixed crowd. young old, and black and white, great music too! if your a norfolk native that enjoys the casual bar scene, you gotta go to Greenies. Their food is GREAT and cheap, and their drinks are cheap too!!! cheeek eeem oouutt.....

May 28, 2010
great memories!!!! I will always remember fun times at this place, we would call this place the 75 cent beer bar because during happy hour pints were 75 cents. I was in the Navy during that time and it was pretty awesome to do your laundry and then go next door for so Ice Cold Beer....Great times with friends!!!!
Big E ‎ - Aug 8, 2011